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Public Education Request Form

  1. The Kennewick Fire Department has reserved Thursday mornings, from 10am - Noon, as Community Outreach time. This will be the best day and time to request Station Tours, Safety Talks, etc.

    To make a request, please complete the form below and you will be contacted with confirmation of our availability.

  2. All requests require a minimum of two weeks advance notice; for the quickest approval and accommodation, please select a Thursday with a start time of either 10am or 11am.

  3. Provide the address of your event or training requested if you wish for us to come to you.
  4. Requesting a Station Tour?

    Station tours are typically held at Station 5, located at 6016 W 10th Ave, unless there is a specific need for a different location.

  5. Do you have a specific topic or list of questions that you would like us to cover?
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