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Determine Reduced Occupant Load

  1. Under Governor Inslee’s Phase 2 reopening plan, certain businesses can reopen but at reduced capacity. This procedure and the occupant load determined will only be in place and applicable for the duration of the COVID-19 Phases for re-occupying businesses. The existing codes require that each commercial business have a Certificate of Occupancy posted in a conspicuous location, usually next to your business license.
  2. If your business has a posted occupant load, or a Certificate of Occupancy indicating your occupant load, use that to determine the reduced capacity per the order. If you need assistance in calculating your reduced occupancy load, please complete the form below.
  3. If you do not have a posted occupant load and are trying to determine what your occupant load is in order to comply with the reduced capacity requirements, please continue with the below form.
  4. ex. Retail, Restaurant, Gym, etc.
  5. If applicable to your business.
  6. Do you need a replacement Certificate of Occupancy?*
  7. Deputy Fire Marshal Brian Ellis will respond to this form request by email with a calculated occupant load number and directions for requesting a replacement Certificate of Occupancy (if applicable). This occupancy load number will only be applicable during the phase in of businesses as directed by the Governor.
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