What is the Bridge-to-Bridge / River-to-Railroad (BB / RR) area?
The BB/RR is the area between the Blue Bridge (SR-395) and the Cable Bridge and the Columbia River to the BNSF Railroad mainline tracks (maps of the BB/RR area are provided on a link to this city webpage). The BB/RR has been identified in Kennewick's comprehensive plan as a subarea or distinct district worthy of special planning attention.

The BB / RR area is composed of 7 distinct neighborhoods including Columbia Drive and the auto dealers and commercial services along it. Duffy's Pond and the approach to Clover Island. The mobile home parks and residential developments along the levy leading to Columbia Park and south of Columbia Drive, and the numerous salvage, warehouse, and trucking businesses along the railroad tracks.

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2. What is the Bridge-to-Bridge / River-to-Railroad (BB / RR) area?
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