How Does the Comprehensive Plan Affect Me?
You may not know it, but your community is shaped by the Comprehensive Plan. Kennewick uses its plan to develop regulations, programs, and services, all of which can affect your day-to-day life.

Take a look at the topics the Comprehensive Plan covers:

  • Capital Facilities and Utilities: availability of community facilities, parks, schools, emergency services, etc. to meet the growing community's needs.

  • Housing: affordability, proximity to work, goods, and services; choices for housing types that meet different family needs

  • Jobs and economic development: where jobs are located, starting a business, workforce training, education opportunities, etc.

  • Land uses: What your neighborhood is like, where the grocery store is located, attractiveness of the community, health, historic preservation, parks and open space, and more.

  • Sustainability: clean air and water, efficient energy use, preservation of open space, trees, health, etc.

  • Transportation: your commute to work, availability of transit, safety of kids traveling to school, mobility options for seniors, traffic congestion, walkability, etc.

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3. How Does the Comprehensive Plan Affect Me?