Commercial Development

Once you’ve verified your business location is zoned for your commercial use, you’ll work with the City’s Planning, Building, Public Works and Fire divisions to get approval to move forward.

  1. Current Development

    Recently completed commercial projects and development in the pipeline.

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  2. Commercial Zoning

    Using the City of Kennewick's Zoning Map application, enter your business address to find out what it is zoned. This zoning determines what type of business activity is allowed at your location.

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  3. Commercial Building Permits

    Permits are required for most improvements. Refer to the Development Guide or contact the Building Department (509) 585-4561.

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  4. Development Guide

    Planning and permitting resources for bringing your commercial development project to fruition.

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  5. Building Codes

    Get up to code. Requirements for exits, restrooms, etc. are outlined in the International Building Code and Fire Code.

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  6. Fire Inspections

    All businesses are inspected annually by the Fire Department. Review commonly inspected items and contact the Fire Department to discuss your inspection.

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City Requirements for Commercial Development