Retail Business

If you’ve got the goods that the marketplace wants, here’s how to get your shop, boutique, department store, or establishment to cash in on the sale of retail goods in Kennewick.
  1. Retail Zoning

    Using the City of Kennewick's Zoning Map application, enter your business address to find out what it is zoned. This zoning determines what type of business activity is allowed at your location.

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  2. Commercial Building and Site Requirements

    Once you’ve verified your location is zoned for your business use, you’ll work with the City’s Planning, Building and Fire divisions to get approval to open.

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  3. Fire Inspections

    All businesses are inspected annually by the Fire Department. Review commonly inspected items and contact the Fire Department to discuss your inspection.

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  4. Food and Beverage Businesses

    If food or beverage is on-site, additional requirements apply.

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  5. Business Licensing

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Retail Window Shopping