Fire Protection System Permits

Select the type of permit you need:

  1. Fire Alarm
  2. HVAC Duct Detector
  3. Fire Sprinkler
  4. Kitchen Hood & Paint Booth

Submittal Requirements

To apply for a fire alarm permit you must have the following:
  • New Systems: Require a review letter from Fire Protection Engineer or an Electrical Engineer verifying the system meets NFPA requirements.
  • ALL Tenant Improvements: Require a review letter by a NICET Fire Alarm Systems Level III certified individual verifying the system has been reviewed and meets or exceeds the design requirements of the state of Washington and the City of Kennewick.
  • Two sets of plans (if submitting hard copies)
  • Battery calculations
  • Device specification sheets
  • Zone map
  • Permit Application

Fire Permit Application Process:

The Fire Department requires permits to add, modify or remove fire protection systems.

  • Submit a complete application package.
  • Allow a minimum of two weeks for permit application processing and plan review.
  • When a complete submittal is received, plan review generally takes between five and ten business days and is always done sooner if possible.
  • Inspections for permitted fire protection systems shall be requested by calling the Fire Department Inspection Request line at 509-585-4352.
  • Here is the fee schedule however, there is no plan review fee charged up front, all fees are payable after the plans have been reviewed and approved.