Fire Protection System Permits

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Select the type of permit you need:

  1. Fire Alarm
  2. HVAC Duct Detector
  3. Fire Sprinkler
  4. Kitchen Hood & Paint Booth

Submittal Requirements

To apply for a fire alarm permit, the following is required:
  • Floor plan with device layout
  • Device specifications
  • Zone Map
  • Battery calculations - for new systems or anytime there will be significant impacts to battery loads on other projects.
  • Please refer to Kennewick Administrative Code (KAC) 8-29 and KAC 8-33 for installation, maintenance and testing requirements. 
  • Please refer to Kennewick Municipal Code 15.30 Fire Prevention Code for additional requirements.
  • New Systems: Construction plans shall be approved and stamped by a registered Fire Protection or Electrical Engineer prior to submittal to the Fire Department, verifying the system meets NFPA 72 requirements. Refer to KMC 15.30.180 regarding audible device requirements in Kennewick.
  • System Modifications: All construction documents shall be reviewed by a NICET III in fire alarms or a licensed professional engineer (PE) in Washington prior to being submitted for permitting. The reviewing professional shall submit a stamped, signed, and dated letter; … indicating the system has been reviewed and meets or exceeds the design requirements of the state of Washington and the local jurisdiction. [WAC 907.10.2 Design review]
  • When you are ready to submit, visit the Online Permitting Portal.