Kennewick Police Foundation

The Kennewick Police Department Foundation is an independent, private non-profit 501(c) 3, dedicated to support and strengthen the services of the Kennewick Police Department and to promote and maintain public safety. The KPD Foundation was established in November of 2009 by Kennewick citizens and business professionals. The Foundation relies on the generous donations from citizens and business partners to fund needs and various programs for the Kennewick Police Department which are not provided in the city’s annual budget.  Board members and citizens volunteer their time and all monies go directly to the foundation and its charitable purpose.   Charitable gifts, sponsorships, and in-kind services are used for the acquisition of specialized equipment, crime prevention, safety programs and community outreach. To donate or contact Blanca Reyna at 509-582-1307

Community Care Program

The purpose of the program is to allow officers who see an immediate community need to be able to take action and help people or resolve an issue.  It can be as simple as a purchasing food, fuel, a coat for a child, a place to sleep for the night or a crib for a family.  Whatever the need, officers have the opportunity to provide help and hope. 

In the past, officers have used their own money to purchase items or help someone in need. This program allows them to have the resources needed to help without spending their own money. Many community businesses participate in the program by providing services or giving us discounted rates for services. 

It is important to seize opportunities where you can help others.  Policing with compassion is what builds community trust.  With controversy throughout the Nation regarding police use of force, the militarization of police, and the guardian versus warrior mentality, this is an opportunity for KPD to demonstrate its core values and the commitment that it has in the service to our community.  This will enhance what KPD currently does and has done in the past by being connected and involved in our community.  To donate or contact Blanca Reyna at 509-582-1307

Mailing Address:
Kennewick Police Department Foundation 
8524 W Gage Blvd
Box A-1 #311
Kennewick, WA 99336