Maps & GIS

  1. Mapping Portal

    Mapping Portal

    View City of Kennewick maps and apps. Create your own maps using data from City of Kennewick and thousands of other sources.

  2. Download GIS Data

    Download GIS Data

    View and download City of Kennewick GIS Data.

  3. Parcel Map

    Parcel Map

    Locate and view Parcel information including boundaries, easements, and utilities.

  4. Utilities Map

    Utilities Map

    Explore map of City Water, Sewer and Storm utilities.

  5. Wards & Precincts Map

    Wards & Precincts Map

    Search for an address or zoom in to view Wards and Precincts.

  6. Zoning Map

    Zoning Map

    Enter an address to find zoning information within the City of Kennewick.

  7. Standard PDF Maps

    Standard PDF Maps

    List of PDF maps that can be viewed and printed.