Vista Field Development Underway

One of the most ambitious community development endeavors in Washington state in recent years, Vista Field is a 103-acre master planned mixed use regional town center designed by the Port of Kennewick.

Vista Field is at the commercial core of the Tri-Cities, with easy access to a diverse and well-connected transportation network. The site is near the Columbia Center Mall and adjacent to the Vista Entertainment District, which includes the Three Rivers Convention Center and Toyota Center.

There will be a mix of businesses, residences, waterways, pathways, a public plaza, and other gathering places that reflect the local culture at full build-out. The Port of Kennewick led a multi-year community engagement effort involving the public, collaborating with the City of Kennewick and Benton County. Redevelopment of this former airfield is projected to produce as many as 3,380 jobs, $460 million in private sector investment, $51 million in new infrastructure and $408 million in new buildings.