Start a Business

We know you can choose to do business anywhere, and we’re excited and grateful you’ve considered Kennewick!  To get started, select your business type. You will find steps and other information specific to your situation.

  1. Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage

    Restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee shops and other food and beverage providers.

  2. Retail Business

    Retail Business

    Shops, boutiques, establishments and the sale of retail goods.

  3. Office, Professional & Personal Services

    Office, Professional & Personal Services

    For professional and business service providers, health and beauty providers.

  4. Manufacturing and Repair

    Manufacturing and Repair

    Manufacturing, production of goods, or repair and maintenance of autos.

  5. Home Based Business

    Home Based Business

    What you need to know if you are considering operating a home-based business within the city limits of Kennewick.

  6. Specialty Business

    Specialty Business

    Special licenses for secondhand dealers, vehicles for hire, adult concessions, alarm dealers and installers.

  1. Emily Estes-Cross

    Economic Development Manager
    Phone: 509-585-4258

  2. Rohana Carmichael

    Economic Development Specialist
    Phone: 509-585-4532