Utility Information

picture to represent various utilities
This page is to help you find information on utility services the City of Kennewick provides as well as links to other utilities you may need to contact in order to set up a new utility account. 
  1. Autopay & Paperless Statements

    Sign up to have your payments automatically deducted on the due date or to receive electronic statements.

  2. Pay my Water/Sewer Bill

    Pay your City water or sewer bill online

  3. Start Service

    Sign up for City water or sewer service.

  4. Stop Service

    Close your City water and sewer utility account on-line.

  5. Water & Sewer Rates

    Customer bi-monthly water and sewer rates.

  6. Water & Sewer Utility Information

    General information on the City of Kennewick's water & sewer utility.

  1. Connect to City Water/Sewer

    Information for new connections to the City's water and sewer utility.

  2. Electricity

    Electrical utilities are provided by Benton PUD

  3. Natural Gas

    Natural gas utilities are provided by Cascade Natural Gas

  4. Garbage & Recycling

    Find information about waste management in your community.

  5. Kennewick Irrigation District

  6. Columbia Irrigation District

    Columbia Irrigation District - largely serving properties east of Washington Street.