Ambulance Billing Information

Ambulance Billing Information

The City of Kennewick charges for ambulance transports at a base rate of $660 for residents and $990 for non-residents, plus an additional $10 per transport mile from pick-up location to destination.

The ambulance fee is charged for the delivery service of a transport. All fees are separate from your water bill.

Who is classified as a "Resident"?

All patients/individuals transported, whose primary residence is within the City limits of Kennewick.  Since April 1, 2005 city residents are responsible for any remaining balance of the ambulance billing charge after insurance has paid.

Does the City bill insurance carriers?

The City of Kennewick bills insurance carriers on behalf of patients. Patients are responsible for providing insurance information to ambulance billing.  Billing practices are established in compliance with effective Medicare and Medicaid rules.

Information on Extended Credit Agreement

The City of Kennewick does offer a monthly payment plan for all individuals who are unable to pay their balances in full called an extended credit agreement. The extended credit agreement does not accrue interest and there are several payment plan options. For additional information or to sign up, please contact the following:

Ambulance calls before August 1, 2020 - 509-585-4373
Ambulance calls after August 1, 2020 - 1-800-238-9398

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