Ride-Along Program

The Kennewick Fire Department allows citizens, high school students, firefighters from other agencies, and paramedic/EMT students to ride-along with KFD personnel as they respond to real emergencies.  
Additionally, KFD has an established ride-along program with the Tri-Tech Firefighting Program, and also provides opportunities for volunteer firefighters from neighboring agencies the ability to ride-along with us to gain supplementary experience.

While the majority of people riding with KFD are enrolled in formal EMT or paramedic training courses, there are occassions where non-students request to ride on KFD apparatus for personal experience. 
Because the public is often interested in learning more about how their local fire department operates, KFD also allows citizens from within the community to ride-along with us and see for themselves what we do everyday.  This is especially true for individuals who may be considering a career in fire and emergency services.
If you are interested in a ride-along with KFD - and are willing to complete a background check at your own expense (the cost is typically less than $30) - contact us for more information. 
Firefighters Heading Out at Night