Leading the Way

"Kennewick Fire Department is dedicated to providing excellent public service and ensuring the safety and well-being of our community and one another.  We live, act, and serve our community with the utmost integrity."

We value integrity, inclusiveness, stewardship and communication.
We are proud to share some of the ways KFD is currently modeling our core values:


At KFD, we believe it is always best to "do the right thing, for the right reasons, regardless of the consequences."  This fall, we are confident that our unwavering integrity, transparency, and consistent hard-work will pay-off for the citizens of Kennewick as we await the findings of our recent assessment from the Washington State Ratings Bureau (WSRB).  An increase in the City's current WSRB rating would result in lower insurance premium costs for the City, and potential savings for citizens as well.  Ratings are based on the following:  Building Code Effectiveness, Fire Department Suppression/Apparatus, Water Supply and Fire Safety Control/Prevention.


KFD and the City of Kennewick are currently in the process of procuring land for another fire station to be located in the Southridge/Hildebrand Rd. area.  This land acquisition will include adequate space for a secondary building to be constructed to house City equipment and vehicles, enabling faster access for road crews to clear roads during inclement weather.


KFD was recently awarded over $300,000 through an Assistance to Firefighters grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to purchase up-to-date self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) equipment for our firefighters.  This grant will enable KFD to remain in compliance with industry, state and federal regulations by enabling us to purchase new SCBA packs that will keep our firefighters breathing safe, clean air while fighting fires and working in hazardous conditions.


KFD is currently working with local fire chiefs and developing plans for future collaborative efforts to ensure standardized, quality training for KFD firefighters and other agencies throughout the area.