Wellhead Protection Program

Awareness & Involvement

Community awareness and involvement are keys to preserving clean drinking water. Often, we do not think about water and the activities that affect it. Because drinking water is safe and available when needed, we don't realize how fragile a resource it is. Much of the water for Kennewick, about 2.4 billion gallons a year, comes from a shallow aquifer that is protected only by the soils and gravel that surround it. Oil, gas, fertilizers and other chemicals can all contaminate our drinking water, if they are allowed to reach it.

To ensure our water is always clean and safe to drink, Wellhead Protection Areas (PDF) have been established and marked within Kennewick.
  1. Protection Areas

    Wellhead Protection Areas are the lands surrounding our water supply wells vital to the protection of our drinking water.

  2. Wellhead Contaminants

    If contaminants are dumped or spilled in a Wellhead Protection Area, they can contaminate the aquifer and the drinking water from our wells.

  3. Your Role in Protection Program

    Find out some ways you can help protect your community water sources from contamination.