Bob Olson Parkway Project

Bob Olson

Important Dates

Start Date: August,  2016 
End Date:  July, 2017 
Location: Steptoe - 10th Avenue roundabout to Sherman Street/Hildebrand Blvd.
Cost: $11,365,000 

Project Description

Bob Olson Parkway will be a new five lane road constructed from Steptoe/10th Avenue Roundabout to Sherman Street; 15th Place from Bob Olson Parkway to Clodfelter, and the widening of Hildebrand Blvd. from Sherman Street to Grant Street with curb/gutter, sidewalk, streetlights and landscaping.  The project is scheduled to be completed by July of 2017.

This important new transportation corridor will connect the Southridge area with the Clearwater Business Park and provide an additional route linking US 395 to SR 240.  The project has been constructed in many phases and is the culmination of a long term effort by the City of Kennewick, in partnership with the City of Richland and the Washington State Department of Transportation.   


This project was awarded to Inland Asphalt Company.  Bob Olson Parkway to 15th Place, 10th Avenue, and 15th Place to Clodfelter (Phase 1) have the bottom lift of paving with temporary striping and is open to traffic.  Bob Olson Parkway from 15th Place to Sherman Street (Phase 2) has completed installation of sewer, storm and waterlines.  The project is currently on hold due to snow/frozen ground and will resume when the weather warms up with curb, gutter, sidewalks, irrigation and landscaping.  Paving is tentatively scheduled to be completed in June of 2017 due to the weather delays.


View a time lapse video of the construction progress.