Recently Completed Projects

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  1. Edison Street Widening

    Edison Street Widening

    The project will complete the widening of Edison Street between Canal Drive and Clearwater Avenue.

  2. Elliott Lake Water System

    Elliott Lake Water System

    This is a partnership project with the Kennewick Irrigation District and the Washington State Department of Health to upgrade the Elliott Lake Water System to current City standards.

  3. Fire Station 5

    Fire Station 5

    Follow updates and information about the new fire station we are constructing.

  4. W. 7th Place/Jean Place Extension

    W. 7th Place/Jean Place Extension

    The project includes water, sewer, storm drainage, irrigation, curb and gutter, sidewalk, utility trenching, streetlights, HMA paving and other misc. improvements on W. 7th Place at the end of Jean Street.