Traffic Infractions

Traffic infractions issued by the Kennewick Police Department are civil matters under the jurisdiction of the City Attorney's Office. A person receiving a traffic infraction has the option to pay the ticket in full, request a Mitigation Hearing, or request a Contested Hearing. The Benton County District Court also allows Contested Hearings by mail. The Kennewick City Attorney's Office does not negotiate traffic infractions. An Assistant City Attorney may be present on a Contested Traffic docket. If you wish to subpoena an officer or other witnesses to a contested hearing, forms are available at the Benton County District Court.


If you wish to request discovery on your traffic infraction please fill out the electronic Discovery Request Form.

You may also submit a hard copy request in writing by e-mail, mail, or hand-delivery. The request must include your name, address, e-mail address (if available), telephone number, and citation number to be processed. Infractions will be provided electronically whenever possible.