Park Rules

9-44 Rules and Regulations for City Parks Section

  • 9-44-010: Purpose
  • 9-44-020: Park Rules
  • 9-44-030: Posting of Rules
  • 9-44-040: Open to Public Events

9-44-010: Purpose

Certain rules and regulations governing the operation of the City parks and recreational areas are adopted by the Parks and Recreation Commission in order to achieve the greatest amount of good for the residents of the City and community in general.

9-44-020: Park Rules

The following are hereby adopted as park rules and regulations of the City of Kennewick, which are applicable to all public parks and recreational areas owned by or include the control of the officials of the City of Kennewick:
(1) Parks close one-half hour after sunset until 6 a.m. Written permission from City of Kennewick Parks Department may be obtained for special events;
(2) All dogs must be on leashes;
(3) No horse riding is allowed;
(4) Defacing or destroying property is prohibited;
(5) Areas being irrigated or mowed are closed to public use;
(6) All waste material must be deposited in refuse cans;
(7) Kite flying is prohibited in Lawrence Scott and Kenwood Parks due to hazardous conditions;
(8) No alcohol allowed on park/recreation premises. Written permission may be obtained for special events in Columbia Park;
(9) No golf practice use, except within the boundaries of the Columbia Park Golf Course;
(10) Pet owners must pick up pet waste and deposit in refuse containers;
(11) At fishing lagoon at the east end of Columbia Park;

(a) Only juveniles (14 years and younger) and persons with disabilities and reduced fee license are allowed to fish;
(b) Fishing Season is year round;
(c) Daily fishing limit is a total of five (5) game fish, no minimum size;
(d) No bird feeding;
(e) No swimming allowed;
(f) No floating devices allowed without a permit;

(12) Tobacco products use is not permitted within 20-feet of park playgrounds and tot-lots.

9-44-025: Trespassing

In addition to such other penalties as may be imposed by law for the violation of posted rules and regulations or the commission of other offenses in Kennewick Municipal Parks, the Kennewick Police or the Director of Parks are authorized to issue trespass notifications to any person against whom they have probable cause to believe have committed a crime or infraction while on a City park. The trespass notification will be valid for 30 to 365 days and will identify the park or parks from which the offender is excluded. The Park Commission may extend or expand this notice by motion.

9-44-030: Posting of Rules

These rules and regulations are to be posted at conspicuous places in the City parks and recreational areas. The authority and penalties for the above rules and regulations are indicated in Kennewick Municipal Code 10.08.040.

9-44-040: Open to Public Events

"Open to Public" events are not allowed except with written permission from the Parks and Recreation Department.