Parks & Facilities

  1. Building Rental Guide

  2. Columbia Park Golf Links

    Visit the Columbia Park website for information on current events.

  3. Event Guide

    Stay updated on current events by reading our event guide.

  4. Facility Rentals

    We have a variety of buildings available for public use. Reserve one today for your next event or gathering.

  5. Fields

    We have open fields in a variety of locations.

  6. Park Amenities & Maps

    Browse a listing of our local parks, including amenities and interactive maps.

  7. Park Rules

    Get to know the park rules so you can follow them and keep yourself and everyone safe.

  8. Picnic Shelters

    Enjoy the beautiful outdoors at one of our many picnic shelters across the City.

  9. Report A Concern

    Report any vandalism or graffiti on the playgrounds, park buildings, or park facilities. Report any problems found with the playground toys, facilities, irrigation, or park buildings.

  10. Trails & Bike Paths

    The Sacagawea Heritage Trail and the Zintel Canyon hike are just a few of the scenic places you can hike in Kennewick.

  11. Videos

    View videos of our parks.