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2018 Alarm License Renewals

2018 Alarm License renewals are delayed this year.  We are transitioning to a new False Alarm Reduction Program. 2018 Alarm License renewals will be sent out April 16, 2018. Renewals must be returned by June 15, 2018 in order to avoid any penalties.  The new Kennewick False Alarm Reduction Program will allow you to complete most any transactions from new license, alarm violations, updates and renewals on-line.

Here is more information on the Kennewick False Alarm Reduction Program.

Thank you for  your patience. . 


Effective March 17, 2018 all alarm permits will be issued by Cry Wolf and can be obtained on line at Kennewick False Alarm Reduction Program Prevention and Administration Site.  

Alarm licenses are to be obtained prior to the alarm being installed and are to be obtained by the company installing the security system. If this is an owner-installed system you may obtain the license yourself. Initial Alarm licenses are $40. 

Alarm Company Employees

Employees of any company selling, installing or providing maintenance on security systems are also required to be licensed if working within the City of Kennewick. The application fee is $125 for a two year license. You can download an application by clicking on the Alarm License Application located on this page under "Online Forms."

For more information on security system licensing, contact the Crime Prevention office at 509-582-1351.

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