Special Events & Tournaments


Welcome to Kennewick, Washington, a city with an abundance of recreational opportunities, many sunny days, and countless opportunities to enjoy the wide variety of special events in our community. Kennewick, one of Washington's most progressive cities, is located on the banks of the Columbia River, in the heart of the award winning wine producing region of Washington State. Temperatures average around 44 degrees in the winter and 88 degrees in the summer. 

Let Us Help You

Are you thinking of planning a special event in the City of Kennewick park system? Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in organizing your event and working through the application and permit process.


If you are planning a special event in the Pacific Northwest and are looking for an ideal location, the City of Kennewick has numerous appealing amenities that will make your event a huge success. To view our city park's amenities visit the parks page.

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Contact the City of Kennewick Special Events Team at specialevents@ci.kennewick.wa.us or 585-4475 for more information.

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