About Us

Vision Statement

The Kennewick Police Department is devoted to our community by providing excellence in police services.

We recognize our responsibility to maintain order and protect the residents and visitors to our city.

We strive to build community partnerships to improve the quality of life in our residential and business neighborhoods.

"Committed to Your Safety"

KPD Badge

Mission Statement

Leading the Way

We will provide excellent public service and ensure the safety and well being of our community and one another through the empowerment of each employee.

We Value

Integrity...Inclusiveness...Stewardship...and Communication
We are accountable to our community for innovative and collaborative efforts that anticipate needs, leverage resources and deliver solutions.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism and ethical conduct.


We embrace diversity and value different perspectives as we work together for the common good.


We ensure the public's resources are used responsibly to provide the greatest benefit.


We listen and engage in an open, honest and timely exchange of information.