Administrative Services Division


The Administrative Services Division is responsible for a variety of functions within the Kennewick Police Department that include:
  • Employment
  • Internal Affairs
  • Review of Practices
  • Accreditation
  • Animal Control Authority
  • Special Investigation Unit


The Division maintains oversight of hiring and recruitment of department personnel which is completed in conjunction with the City's Human Resources Department.

Internal Affairs
The Administrative Services Division is responsible for the Internal Affairs component of the Kennewick Police Department. This includes tracking and analyzing complaints, citizen compliments, Use of Force situations, and Vehicle Pursuits.  

Review of Practices

The Administrative Services provides an ongoing review of Kennewick Police Department practices, policies, and procedures to ensure the Department is following recognized best practices in the law enforcement field. One mechanism to evaluate policies, practices and procedures is to maintain an accredited status as a law enforcement agency. Accreditation includes on-site reviews by trained assessors from outside agencies who utilize a set of standards to determine the organization follows its policies and reporting standards.


The Kennewick Police Department was originally accredited by the Washington State Association of Sheriff's and Police Chief's (WASPC) in 2003. The Department was re-accredited with WASPC in the spring of 2010 and re-accredit in 2014 and 2018.

Animal Control Authority
A representative from Administrative Services is designated as a member of Animal Control Authority (ACA). The ACA consist of representatives from the Cities of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. ACA members have administrative oversight for animal control services.

Our training unit consists of one full time training coordinator, who facilitates and records all departmental training and a training cadre consisting of (1) supervisor and (13) trainers, who provide high quality training to our officers.  During the course of the year, we host several “in service” training days which covers a variety of topics to include legal/ command updates, high risk low frequency events, emergency vehicle operations, defensive tactics, crisis intervention, active shooter along with a number of hands on training to ensure that we have a well trained professional police force. Having a well-trained Police Department is an essential component to establishing public trust and confidence and we remain focused on achieving the highest level of competency and accountability for our officers.