Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RPBA)

Features & Purposes

Each assembly has different features and purposes. Choose an assembly that meets your needs.

Isolating Hazards

An RPBA is a mechanical backflow preventer that consists of two independently acting, spring-loaded check valves with a hydraulically operating, mechanically independent, spring-loaded pressure differential relief valve between the check valves and below the first check valve. It includes shutoff valves at each end of the assembly and is equipped with test cocks. An RPBA is effective against backpressure backflow and backsiphonage and may be used to isolate health or non-health hazards.

Details about this system include:
  • Installed above ground
  • Only device that allows for applying fertilizer or other chemicals into irrigation systems
  • State requires annual testing by State-certified tester
  • Used at high-hazard sites such as hospitals, chemical plants, mortuaries
  • Usually most expensive and complex
Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly Installation Illustration
Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly