What is a Modern Roundabout?

A modern roundabout is an intersection having one-way circulation around a center island where entering traffic must yield the right-of-way to circulating traffic.

For Vehicles Approaching a Roundabout

A driver should use the same caution as approaching any yield sign. Drivers must be prepared to stop and wait for a sufficient gap in the circulating traffic before entering the roundabout.
Vehicles already inside the circulatory roadway have the right-of-way over vehicles entering the circulation roadway.


Use the following precautions when driving a roundabout:
  • Slow down (most roundabouts can be safely traveled at about 15 miles per hour (25 Km/hr).
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • If you want to turn left, stay left; if you want to turn right, stay right.
  • Yield to vehicles already in the roundabout.
  • Once in the roundabout, you have the right-of-way.
  • Signal before exiting and yield to pedestrians.

Signaling at a Roundabout

All the normal rules of the road apply. It is very important to be courteous and signal your intentions as you approach and drive through the roundabout.
  • Through Movement: No Signal is required for through movement, it would be courteous to signal right at your exit.
  • Right Turn Movement: Signal a right turn on the approach and while in the roundabout.
  • Left or U-Turn Movement: Signal a left turn on the approach and while in the roundabout, signal right at your exit.

For Pedestrians

  • Cross only at designated crossing locations.
  • Watch for cars; you have the right-of-way but drivers may not be paying enough attention.
  • The roundabout has a splitter island that can serve a refuge island, which allows you to cross the street one direction of
  • traffic at a time.
  • Do not cross over to the center island in the roundabout.

For Bicyclists

  • If you are comfortable riding in traffic, take the lane and circulate like you are in a vehicle. However, as with motorists you must wait at the yield line for a sufficient gap in the circulating traffic before entering the roundabout.
  • If you are unsure about using the roundabout, dismount and walk your bike as a pedestrian at the designated crosswalks.

Truck Apron

  • This is an outer portion of the center island of the roundabout that can be driven on. It is designed to allow large trucks, busses and emergency vehicles to maneuver around the circulating roadway. No other vehicles should drive on the apron.

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