Street Light Requirements

For complete information, see City Standard Specifications Section 6.

Plan & Schematic Submittal

At the time the developer submits civil plans to the City of Kennewick for review, they will present a separate schematic drawing of the street light installation, including proposed location of disconnect and power source, for approval. The civil plans will direct the electrical contractor to take out an Electrical Power Service Pre-Submittal for street lights, with an attached approved electrical drawing.

If the required power source for street lights is not available to the site, or subdivision, the owner/developer will be required to have the power feed and transformer installed prior to the subdivision acceptance. When the utility is completed, the contractor will submit a copy of the form to the City, with the statement that the state electrical inspection was satisfactorily completed.

Existing Light Relocation

When an existing street light and junction box are relocated on the same circuit, due to construction, and the junction box would be in the street and/or where a new driveway, or street widening, would otherwise leave a J-Box in the driveway or widening area, the wires coming into the existing box shall be removed back to the first junction box on both sides. Remove the junction box to be abandoned and install conduit sweeps and conduit from the existing junction box site to the relocated or new junction box location and pull new wires, as required to eliminate splices. A junction box will not be left at the abandoned location in the street and no wire splices will be allowed between junction boxes.

The civil plans shall show distance to the nearest existing street light and proposed circuit.