Storm Drainage

For complete information, see City Standard Specifications Section 5.

For Subdivisions

Storm drainage shall be constructed to retain and dispose of a 25-year storm, 24-hour developed state storm. A controlled overflow, not to exceed the 10-year natural state storm is allowed. A piped overflow from all localized low points is required. The City will not accept ownership or maintenance of storm drainage ponds.

If surface retention is to be used for storm drainage, the homeowners will be responsible for maintenance. If surface retention is to be used, the pond shall be designed with a minimum of 2-feet freeboard and a spillway. No allowance for infiltration is allowed with surface retention. Future houses, driveways, sidewalks and streets will be considered as impervious surfaces.

For Commercial Sites

A commercial development must retain all storm runoff on site for a 24-hour, 25-year storm. Parking lots may not be used for temporary stormwater storage (peak flow and total event).