Water & Sewer


The Utility Services Division of Public Works is responsible for the Water Treatment Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Wastewater Collection, and Water Distribution programs. The Water section has the responsibility to provide clean, clear, potable water to its utility customers, to maintain that high quality, and deliver it economically and plentifully to the consumer. This has been accomplished with the help of the Water Filter Treatment Plant along with various wells that the City operates. Water Distribution crews keep the water system operating efficiently, including transmission lines, mains, valves, reservoirs, hydrants, meters, pumps, etc.


Charged with treating industrial and domestic wastes, the Wastewater or Sewer section performs a vital function relating to citizens' health, both here and downstream on the Columbia River. Wastewater Collection crews ensure that the system is leak and seepage proof, unblocked by sand, grease, or roots, and graded to move wastes efficiently to the Wastewater Treatment Plant where the treated water is put back into the river cleaner than when it was taken out.
  1. Fats Oils Grease (FOG) Pretreatment

    All food service establishments, including coffee shops, are required to pretreat their wastewater for fats, oils and grease (FOG). Pretreatment devices can be smaller grease traps located indoors, or larger grease interceptors located outside. These devices must be connected to collect all wastewater form 3-compartment sinks, floor sinks, floor drains, mop sinks, and prep sinks.

  2. Locate Water / Sewer Line

    Use this service to locate your water and sewer lines.

  3. Pool / Spa Draining

    Review questions and procedures related to the seasonal draining and filling of pools and spas.

  4. Stormwater

    Learn more about the stormwater runoff and drain maintenance services in your community.

  5. Water Conservation Tips

    Refer to these fours steps for saving water.

  6. Water Quality

    Browse documents related to water quality in your community.

  7. Wellhead Protection Program

    To ensure our water is always clean and safe to drink, Wellhead Protection Areas have been established and marked within Kennewick.

  8. Water Comprehensive Plan

  9. Water Use Efficiency Program

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