Civil Plan Review

Plan Review Process

In addition to Planning Department site plan submittals and permits, the Public Works Department requires a separate set of civil construction plans for storm sewer, water, sewer or street construction.

Up to 20 working days are required for civil plan reviews by the Public Works Department. Note on the plans that all utility construction must conform to the latest revision of the City of Kennewick Standard Specifications. The Public Works Department requires two sets of civil drawings and one set of storm calculations for review and approval.
  1. Requirements
  2. Plan Details
  3. Revisions
  4. Approval
  5. Record Drawing & Easements

Plan Requirements

The construction plans are to be submitted to the Utility Coordinator. The plans must be 24 inches by 36 inches and stamped by a Licensed Professional Engineer or Architect. A space must be provided on each sheet of the plans for the City Engineer's approval and the approval date. 

A utility sign off block is required on the first sheet per the attached format. The developer/builder is required to obtain the signatures on the original non-xeroxed mylar plans after all revisions are made and prior to the City Engineer approving the construction plans. Once all signatures are obtained and five paper sets and one PDF set of approved plans have been supplied, the Office Technician will quote permit fees and issue permits.

Civil Permitting Procedure

Kennewick Survey Data

All projects will be built with current City Survey Data.  Projects will use a minimum of 3 control points in close proximity to your project listed on the cover sheet of your plans.
Private Development Control Requirements
Survey GPS Control Map
Survey GPS Control 11-17-17TXT 

Licenses & Fees

Prior to obtaining a Public Works Department permit, the contractor will be required to have a City of Kennewick business license, a permit and maintenance bond referencing KMC 5.56 for a minimum of $2,000 (to cover $40,000 worth of work) or 5% of the project, and a certificate of liability insurance for $1 million.

Click here to view the City of Kennewick Standard Specifications