Development Requirements

This information is designed to give prospective developers, architects, engineers and contractors some general guidelines and requirements. Each development is different, so some of these comments may not apply.
  1. Civil Plan Review

    Civil Plan Review

    In addition to Planning Department site plan submittals and permits, the Public Works Department will require a separate set of construction plans for storm sewer, water, sewer or street construction.

  2. Sewer Service

    Sewer Service

    Read the requirements for setting up new sewer services.

  3. Storm Drainage

    Storm Drainage

    Peruse the requirements for subdivisions and commercial sites.

  4. Street Light Requirements

    Street Light Requirements

    If you are wanting to install a street light, please understand the requirements first.

  5. Water


    Review the requirements for installing water meters, service construction, live tapping, mainline extensions, fire lines/hydrants, and cross connect control.