Code Enforcement

Informative Resources

We have recently changed our Code Enforcement processes.  As a result of that, we have a new Code Enforcement Complaint Form that makes it easier for citizens to submit. Complaints forms can be submitted at City Hall, online or through the mail. 
Additionally, due to changes in Public Records requirements, we no longer allow for anonymous submittals. All incomplete forms will not be processed. Please refer to the Kennewick Municipal Code 9.44 and 9.48 for additional information on what types of general nuisance and substandard/unfit buildings we have authority over.
  1. Code Enforcement Complaint Form

    Utilize this form to submit online code complaints.

  2. Code Enforcement Process

    This page outlines how the Code Enforcement process works.

  3. Who Should I Contact

    Often times we receive complaints that are non code related. If you are experiencing any of the conditions listed, please contact the appropriate agency.

  4. Municipal Code

    Read and reference our City's municipal code.

  5. Appeal Form

    Utilize this form to Appeal to the Hearing Examiner

  6. Helpful Resources

    Who can you call for help in the community?

  7. Most "Unwanted" List

    The most unwanted list shows some of the most common code violations in the City.