Local Improvement District (LID) Information

LID Assessment

The Finance Department is responsible for all of the financial activities pertaining to Local Improvement Districts (LIDs) located within the City of Kennewick. If you have a question about your LID assessment, please call the LID Accountant at 509-585-4498, or the Accounting Specialist at 509-585-4264 or email the LID Department.

Establishing LIDs

City of Kennewick LIDs can be established through a petition sanctioned by the property owners within the proposed boundary. The City requires that the petition be signed by at least 70% of the property owners within the proposed area.


After an LID has been created, it must be legally established by an Ordinance. After the Ordinance is approved by the City Council, the Preliminary Assessment Roll (PAR) is prepared by the Engineering Department. The PAR is an estimate of the cost which will be assessed to each property owner. Although this estimate is reflected as a lien against the property, it cannot be paid off until construction is complete and the project has been accepted by the City Council.

Project Completion

After construction is complete and the costs are finalized, the Final Assessment Roll (FAR) will be prepared by the Engineering Department. Once the FAR Ordinance has been approved by the City Council, a ten day appeal period exists for participants to question the assessment, costs, etc.

Interest Free Payments

After the appeal period has expired, the 30 Day Interest Free period begins. Letters explaining the interest free period are mailed out to each participant. Property owners may pay the entire assessment or any portion of an assessment during the 30 day period.

Annual LID Billings

Property owners will be billed every year on the anniversary date of the 30 day interest free period. LID assessments will be billed over a ten year period. The annual billing will reflect the current installment owing, any past due balances, and the due date. It will also reflect the amount needed to pay off the entire remaining balance.

Foreclosure Preparation

The City's annual foreclosure notification process begins in January. This will involve all properties with LID accounts which are two payments delinquent or delinquent on the final payment. These property owners will be sent a "Notice of Intent to Foreclose."


This letter specifies the amount needed to bring the account current and indicates the date payment must be received by in order to avoid foreclosure. If payments are made after foreclosure proceedings commence, delinquent interest and legal fees will be assessed.

There is a two year redemption period after judgment has been entered into by Superior Court. Property acquired through foreclosure will be sold at public auction conducted by the City Treasurer on the steps of City Hall.