Filing A Complaint

You may file a Barking Dog Complaint electronically or by printing the forms and submitting them in person, by mail or via e-mail.


Step 1: Download or Print the Barking Dog Complaint Form (PDF):
Step 2:   Complete the Barking Dog Log portion of the forms for a minimum of three (3) days with the specific information requested on the documents.  If you are filing a hard copy form, please also complete the Complaint Information form as well.
Incomplete forms or forms that fail to provide the specific information to prosecute will be returned to the Complainant with no action taken.  
Step 3:   To file a complaint electronically you will need your Barking Dog Log scanned in PDF format for upload with the electronic complaint.  If you are filing your complaint via hard copy, bring in or mail your Complaint form and Barking Dog Log into the office. You may also e-mail your forms.
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