Barking Dog Complaints

Barking dogs are a nuisance only to the neighbors of the offending dog owners; therefore, it is not generally effective to rely on a police officer to investigate these types of cases. Often, by the time an officer can respond to the scene, the dog is no longer barking. It is therefore necessary that a complaint be fully documented by the best witnesses to the offense; the neighbors themselves.

The City’s barking dog ordinance, codified under KMC 8.02.340, provides as follows.

Animals Disturbing the Peace

It is unlawful for any person owning or harboring an animal to allow or permit such animal to cause serious or habitual disturbance or annoyance by frequent or habitual howling, yelping, barking or otherwise noisy conduct, which shall annoy, injure or endanger safety, health, comfort or repose of others. An animal is harbored in violation of this section if, without provocation, it makes noise which can be heard continuously within an enclosed structure off its owner's property for more than five minutes.

Filing A Complaint

Review procedures and download a complaint form.

Responding To Complaints

Read about what the Kennewick City Attorney's office does after they believe sufficient evidence is provided.