Development Guide

Planning Your Project

Want to learn more about how to get a permit in the City of Kennewick? Use the following resources the facilitate your project.
  1. Commercial Additions

    Learn about the processes for completing a commercial addition.

  2. Commercial Improvements, Remodels & Repairs

    Review the procedure for completing improvements, repairs and interior remodels on commercial projects.

  3. Conditional Use Permit

    Research the requirements for Conditional Use Permits and their applications.

  4. Estimate Fees

    Use this tool to estimate Permit fees.

  5. New Commercial Development - Tier 1

    Find an overview of the process for Tier 1 New Commercial Developments.

  6. New Commercial Development - Tiers 2 & 3

    Review the process details for Tier 2 & 3 New Commercial Developments.

  7. Permit Exceptions

    Use these resources to discern whether your project requires a permit.

  8. Residential Project

    I want to build a new home, add on to, remodel an existing home or build a fence.