Safety Talks & Station Tours

Safety Talks and Station Tours are Cancelled Until Further Notice

Due to the potential risks posed to our staff and to the public by 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19), the Kennewick Fire Department feels that it is in the best interest of our community to cancel any previously scheduled public education or speaking engagements that are scheduled to take place between now and June 1st. Our first responders carry an increased risk of coming into contact with such a virus and while we are working diligently to keep our surfaces, facilities and equipment sanitized we cannot minimize our potential contact with others that may be ill and therefore do not want to unnecessarily expose any visitors or citizens.

If you have an event, station tour or speaking engagement scheduled with our office after June 1st please know that we will be monitoring the situation and updating you as the time draws near to confirm our ability to participate or not. In addition, please check back on our website at for future updates. Our request form will be reactivated once requests can be processed.

Information Sources

If you want the most up to date information related to Covid19 in WA State, please go to the WA State DOH 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak website.