Community Planning

The City of Kennewick Community Planning Department oversees all building, land use and development activity within the city. The department is comprised of Long Range Planning, Development Services and Building Safety Division.
  1. Building Services

    If you're a builder, homeowner, design professional or contractor, you can find important information here that may help you speed up the process of building, designing or remodeling in Kennewick.

  2. Development Services

    If you are a developer, homeowner or design professional, you can find key documents here to help you in the process of developing, designing or subdividing in Kennewick.

  3. Long Range Planning

    The Long Range Planning Division oversees rezone and pre-zone applications; amendments to the city's Comprehensive Plan, zoning code and subdivision code; annexations; and subarea and master planing efforts; in planning for community and economic growth.

  4. Community Development Block Grant

    The Community Development Block Grant Program is a flexible resource with the primary objective of expanding economic opportunities principally for persons of low and moderate income.