Express Building Permit


The City of Kennewick offers an Express Permit program for projects that meet pre-specified qualifications. 

  • Commercial Tenant Improvement (TI) projects with a work area of less than 4,000 sq. ft. (usually qualifies),
  • Commercial TI projects up to 10,000 sq. ft. can use Express Permitting if the occupancy type is unchanged.
  • All single-family residential projects qualify


Express Permits receive concierge-type service. Plan reviews start within hours of submittal, with residential completion in under 48 hours, and commercial plan review completion within 72 hours. 

NOTICE - Quality of plans submitted and code compliance can alter this timeframe.

Our staff will contact the applicant (over the phone or through email) as we perform the plan review with any questions, re-submittal needs, or to solve code compliance issues.

Express Permitting is only available for the following types of projects:

  • Express Permit - Commercial Tenant Improvements (convenience fee: 30% of permit fee or $400, which ever is greater)
  • Express Permit - New Single Family Residences (convenience fee: 20% of permit fee)
  • Express Permit - Miscellaneous Residential(factory sheds over 200 sq. ft.; engineered pole buildings; stick built shops and sheds; decks, patios and pergolas; additions and remodels) (convenience fee: 20% of permit fee or $150, which ever is greater) 

Express Permit Applications