2023 - Top 10

Join us as we countdown the #KennewickTop10 Achievements of 2023, showcasing the strides and successes that have shaped our community's progress. Stay tuned for a journey through a year of accomplishments that highlight our commitment to innovation, growth, and community well-being!

2023 Kennewick Top 10 #10

Kicking off our countdown of the year's top accomplishments is the completion of Phase 1 in our water meter upgrade project!

In a forward-thinking move, we've embarked on a transformative journey to modernize our water metering system. Many of our older meters have reached the end of their useful life, prompting us to replace them with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology.

Phase 1, successfully completed, involved swapping out existing meters, nearly 15,000, for new ones equipped with AMI capabilities. This sets the stage for a more efficient and technologically advanced water resource management system.

But that's not all! In 2024 we will complete Phase II to upgrade the rest of our meters and implement new software that allows customers to access usage data from these smart meters. This empowers both the City and our community with valuable insights for water conservation and leak detection.

Join us in celebrating this achievement as we unveil the Top 10 accomplishments of the year!  Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our journey of progress!

2023 Kennewick Top 10 #9

Showcasing the transformation of our 18th and Kellogg water storage reservoir at #9 in our #KennewickTop10 countdown!

This comprehensive upgrade showcases a brand-new access road, water transmission mains, and a cutting-edge 6 million-gallon reservoir with a pumping station. The on-site overflow detention basin adds a layer of resilience, while the removal of an aging 10 million-gallon reservoir paves the way for modernization.

This revamped infrastructure not only ensures a continued supply of clean, reliable water and enhanced fire protection but also sets the stage for future expansion to support our growth. Stay tuned for more remarkable milestones in our city's evolution!

2023 Kennewick Top 10 #8

As we reflect on the highlights of the year, Kason’s Korner proudly takes its place at number 8 in our #KennewickTop10, symbolizing the community's commitment to inclusivity and the pursuit of vibrant recreational spaces for all residents.

Kason Creed, an inspiring young advocate for inclusive play, has left an indelible mark on the Tri-Cities community. Guided by Kason's vision, the City of Kennewick proudly unveiled three new inclusive elements at the Toyota of Tri-Cities Playground of Dreams in Columbia Park—now aptly named Kason’s Korner. These additions to the playground were designed to create a more inclusive space, fostering community engagement for individuals of all abilities and ages.

The inclusive elements include a We-Go-Round, We-saw, and Sensory Play Center. Plus, the ground surface features play grass, enhancing accessibility for those with mobility issues.

2023 Kennewick Top 10 #7

The transformation of the Ridgeline Drive and US 395 Interchange in Kennewick, a long-term endeavor officially opened in spring of this year. Claiming its spot at #7 in our #KennewickTop10 countdown. In collaboration with the Washington State Department of Transportation, the City of Kennewick has seamlessly linked key routes, enabling drivers to traverse US 395 via Ridgeline Drive with ease.

This transformative initiative not only includes the installation of an innovative roundabout on Ridgeline Drive, strategically positioned between S. Bofer Canyon Rd and S. Zintel Way but also introduces a modern underpass system for a smoother transition under US 395. The result? Enhanced traffic efficiency and improved accessibility for everyone entering our vibrant community.

2023 Kennewick Top 10 #6

Kennewick School District (KSD) is reinforcing safety at both elementary and middle schools through the introduction of school safety officers and Student Resource Officers (SRO). In our ongoing commitment to community safety, this initiative is part of our Top 10 Countdown, reflecting the significant achievements and advancements that impact the lives of Kennewick residents.

Funded by the KSD Educational Program & Operations Levy, the School Safety Officer initiative involves hiring 18 school safety officers, with five positions already filled. School safety officers play a crucial role in ensuring a secure environment, conducting security measures, and contributing to emergency preparedness. In addition, we're excited to announce that Student Resource Officers (SRO) will now be present in all middle schools, further enhancing safety measures across our district. This continued collaboration with KSD reflects our dedication to fostering a secure learning environment for all students.  

2023 Kennewick Top 10 #5

As we countdown our Top 10 achievements, we're thrilled to share that in the 2023-2024 biennial budget, the city geared up to support and adopt strategic long-range plans. These plans are integral to our continuous commitment to the future and encompass key areas such as the park comprehensive plan, economic development strategic plan, fire department standard of cover strategic plan, and IT strategic plan.

In aligning with our Council's priority areas, these strategic long-range plans play a crucial role in shaping our community's future. The park comprehensive plan contributes to enhancing the quality of life, ensuring our residents have well-maintained and accessible recreational spaces. The economic development strategic plan fosters growth and prosperity, promoting economic development initiatives vital for our city's success.

Simultaneously, the fire department standard of cover strategic plan directly addresses community safety, outlining measures to enhance emergency response and safeguard our residents. Lastly, the IT strategic plan ensures responsible government practices, utilizing technology to streamline processes and improve overall governance. These forward-thinking plans underscore our commitment to advancing key priorities for a resilient and thriving

2023 Kennewick Top 10 #4

Unveiling the impressive completion of our newest fire station at #4 in our #KennewickTop10 countdown! Nestled at 302 W. 10th Ave, this two-story, 23,200-square-foot facility is a beacon of operational excellence. The ground floor buzzes with crew functions, featuring workspaces, living areas, three apparatus bays, and bay support areas.

The second-floor houses training rooms, conference areas, and administrative offices - this space was designed for efficiency and collaboration. Crafted with highly durable and low-maintenance materials, like concrete masonry and metal panels, the station's exterior stands resilient.

Strategically located in east Kennewick, this station, part of a network of five, serves approximately 86,000 residents. Beyond responding to emergencies citywide, it extends assistance to neighboring agencies. The energy-efficient design ensures a lasting impact for the next 50 years.

A collaborative effort brought this vision to life: Banlin Construction as the general contractor, Alliance Project Management as the project manager, and TCA Architecture Planning & Design as the visionary architects.

2023 Kennewick Top 10 #3

Pickleball fever has swept the nation, quickly claiming its place as the fastest-growing sport in America and the official state sport of Washington. Lawrence Scott Park, now a bustling pickleball hub, officially opened the largest outdoor Pickleball complex in the State of Washington.

Showcasing 12 new championship-quality courts in addition to the existing 3, this complex has solidified Kennewick as the Pickleball capital of the State. The park, which features a 74-foot by 45-foot picnic shelter pavilion and a new restroom, has become a focal point for pickleball enthusiasts from the community, the region, and the state at large.


This remarkable transformation and development were made possible through a true community partnership. With partial funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), and generous contributions from Toyota of Tri-Cities, Retter & Company Sotheby’s International Realty, and Club 509 Pickleball, Lawrence Scott Park stands as a testament to the shared commitment to enhancing recreational opportunities in our community. It is with great pride that we recognize Lawrence Scott Park as a vibrant pickleball destination, making it a notable feature in our Top 10 for 2023.

2023 Kennewick Top 10 #1
2023 Kennewick Top 10 #2

We're inching closer to the finale of our #KennewickTop10 countdown! Coming in at #2 is the countywide Public Safety Sales Tax in Benton. Benton County voters have overwhelmingly approved a permanent extension to this important funding source during the November General Election, which will provide ongoing support for public safety programs throughout Benton County.

For Kennewick, the extension of the public safety sales tax provides certainty regarding the ongoing funding required to support 19.5 full-time equivalent public safety positions and other ancillary public safety programs that are currently funded through this critical revenue source.

The community's decision during the November General Election echoes a commitment to a safer future. Stay tuned for our top pick as we conclude this exciting countdown!

At the top of our list for 2023 is the transformative project at the Steptoe Street/Gage Boulevard intersection—the busiest crossroads in our City, accommodating a staggering 85,000 vehicles daily. This vital initiative focuses on enhancing capacity and functionality by introducing double left turn lanes, double through lanes, and right turn lanes in all directions.

The comprehensive project involves widening on all corners of the intersection, the installation of new curb and gutter, wider sidewalks, retaining walls, landscape revisions, a new traffic signal, an asphalt overlay, and lane striping revisions. These improvements aim to elevate traffic flow and pedestrian experience, addressing the evolving needs of our growing community.


Anticipated for completion in January 2024, this intersection overhaul underscores our commitment to advancing infrastructure and ensuring smooth mobility for residents and commuters. As we celebrate our Top 10 highlights, the Steptoe Street/Gage Boulevard project takes the well-deserved spot at number 1, symbolizing progress, efficiency, and a promising future for Kennewick.

Thank you for following along our #KennewickTop10 countdown! Happy new year!