W. 6th Ave Sidewalk CDBG (P2206-22)

Project Description

This project consists of minor asphalt roadway widening and installing sidewalk on the south side of W. 6th Ave. between the intersection of S. Vancouver St. and S. Tacoma St.  An ADA compliant pedestrian ramp will be installed at the intersection of S. Vancouver St. & W. 6th Ave.  Storm drain structures and pipe will be installed to improve drainage.  New signage and striping will be added to the roadway.

Funding source is Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

More Info

Start Date:October 10, 2022
Est. End Date:Mid-November 2022
Funding Source:CDBG

Project Contacts

City Project Engineer:  Mohammad Jalalyar, P.E. (509)585-4430

City Project Inspector: Steve Rountree (509)222-0352

Contractor: Ellison Earthworks, Kory Ellison (509)378-7035


The Contractor has completed the installation of the stormwater manhole, drywell, infiltration trench, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and paving.

Upcoming work will include striping, landscape restoration, and utility adjustments.

Access to the park off of 6th Ave. will be interrupted, please access the park off of 7th Ave. 

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Last updated 11/14/2022