2022 City-Wide Overlay (P2123-22)

Project Description

This project is for HMA improvements for the following streets:

- Gage Blvd. (Steptoe St. to N. Center Parkway)

- W. Okanogan Pl. (S. Columbia Center Blvd. to W. Quinault Ave.)

- W. 10th Ave. (S. Columbia Center Blvd. to S. Kellogg St.)

More Info

Start Date:June 27, 2022
Est. End Date:End of September
Funding Source:Streets

Project Contacts

City Project Engineer: Mohammad Jalalyar, P.E. - (509) 585-4430

City Project Inspector: Brandon Loucks - (509) 727-3691

Contractor: Inland Asphalt, Clay Romain - (509) 440-2789


Construction is expected to begin on June 27, 2022.

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Last updated 6/22/2022