2022 City-Wide Overlay (P2123-22)

Project Description

This project is for HMA improvements for the following streets:

- Gage Blvd. (Steptoe St. to N. Center Parkway)

- W. Okanogan Pl. (S. Columbia Center Blvd. to W. Quinault Ave.)

- W. 10th Ave. (S. Columbia Center Blvd. to S. Kellogg St.)

More Info

Start Date:June 27, 2022
Est. End Date:TBD
Funding Source:Streets

Project Contacts

City Project Engineer: Mohammad Jalalyar, P.E. - (509) 585-4430

City Project Inspector: Brandon Loucks - (509) 727-3691

Contractor: Inland Asphalt, Clay Romain - (509) 440-2789


Project is temporarily suspended for the Winter season.  The contractor has completed all paving, sidewalk, pedestrian ramps, and utility adjustment work.  Upcoming work includes striping, landscape restoration, and pedestrian push button.

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Last updated 10/13/2022