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Welcome to the Kennewick Police Department media and public resource web page.  The purpose of this page is to have a location for the media and the public to easily location information pertaining to the Kennewick Police Department.

On this page we will be posting the latest news releases for media and public viewing. As you can see, we will also be posting quarterly crime stat data, KPD stock photos, and internal Kennewick Police Department data pertaining to use of force and other internal information.

Public Information Officer Structure

The Kennewick Police Department has a lead public information officer that is assigned to the command staff and holds the rank of lieutenant.  There are six patrol squads that provide 24/7 coverage of the city.  Each squad has at least one public information officer that, as time allows, will be able to provide information reference routine, in progress events that occur on a day to day basis.  Periodically, they will post information to KPD social media platforms and/or email out news releases.  The Criminal Investigations Division (COD) also has public information officers assigned to release pertinent information.  All patrol and CID supervisors also have access to our social media platforms and will send out news releases as necessary.  The goal of the Kennewick Police Department is to provide information as accurately and timely as possible.

Social Media Platforms

The Kennewick Police Department uses the following social media platforms to communicate information to the community -

The social media handle for the Kennewick Police Department is - @KennewickPolice

City of Kennewick Social Media Policy

Public Request for Records

To request additional information reference specific police incidents, please go to the Public Records Request Portal for instructions on how to make that request.

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