Garfield/Blackberry Canyon Storm (P2019-21)

Project Description

Project will pipe the storm outfall flows from Blackberry Canyon to Park Hills Drive, eventually flowing into the Frog Pond off 10th Ave. This pipes the west side ditch along Garfield. The purpose of the project is to decrease the time-consuming yearly maintenance it takes City crews to complete on this open-ditch.

More Info

Start Date:
September 2021
Est. End Date:
Funding Source:
General Storm Fund

Project Contacts:

City Project Engineer: Kendrick Glover, P.E., - (509) 585-4464

City Project Inspector: Steve Rountree - (509) 222-0352

Contractor: Allstar Construction Group, Inc. - (509) 943-9825


The contractor has completed the installation of storm pipe from Park Hills Drive to the south side of 19th Ave and will continue with pipe installation for an additional 170’ south of 19th Ave.

 Following pipe installation, the constrictor will complete leveling and hydroseeding of the area that was previously the roadside ditch.

Last updated 8/09/2022