How you can Help

Sofia’s disappearance has left a deep and lasting scar on her family, friends, and our community. Tragically, Sofia’s mother went to her grave not knowing what happened to her young, precious daughter.


The person(s) who took Sofia from her family, and our community, likely discussed their involvement or knowledge of Sofia with others. At the time of Sofia’s disappearance, the abductor(s) may have had a reason to be in the area of E. 15th Avenue and S. Washington Street. Immediately following her disappearance, the involved person’s usual behavior may have changed, such as; missed appointments, difficulty sleeping, or changes in alcohol and/or drug consumption.


Relationships change over time. Allegiances once owed no longer exist. If you know something, it is now okay to say something.


Too much time has passed. If you have information about the person(s) who took Sofia from our community, no matter how insignificant you may think this information is, now is the time to contact us.