UPRR 24-Inch Sewer Interceptor Phase 2 (P1604-19)

Project Description

This project is for the construction of the UPRR 24-lnch Interceptor Sewer Rehabilitation Project and consists of rehabilitating the UPRR 24-lnch Interceptor Sewer. The rehabilitation effort includes approximately 2,404 linear feet using trenchless rehabilitation techniques (CIPP thermally cured or UV cured) and 548 linear feet of new open cut 8-inch sewer forcemain pipe. The project also includes a 24-inch diameter boring and jacking below the Union Pacific Railroad.

Important Dates

Start Date:
March 11, 2020
Estimated End Date:

Funding Source:
Water and Sewer Fund
Estimated Cost:

Project Contacts

P1604-19 Contacts


Construction put on hold until March due to weather.

Last updated: 1/16/20