2019 City-Wide Asphalt Restoration (P1911-19)

Project Description

This project is for the HMA improvements of the following streets: S. Kellogg Street (W. 10th Ave. to the KID Canal Crossing), S. Union Street (W. Clearwater Ave. to W. 10th Ave.), and W. 10th Ave. (S. Quincy Place to S. Garfield St.). There will also be resurfacing on the West Canal Drive bridge deck at N. Carmichael Drive. Work will involve lowering of existing utilities, planing (grinding) as called for on the plans, HMA overlay, minor waterline installation, concrete sidewalk ramp upgrades, pavement lane striping and markings and other related work.

Important Dates                                                        

Start Date:
June 12, 2019
Estimated End Date:
September 2019
Funding Source:
Arterial Street Fund
Estimated Cost:

Project Contacts

P1911-19 Contacts


Finalizing project for close out. 

Last updated 11/8/2019