Kennewick Avenue & S. Yelm Intersection P1820

Important Dates

Start Date:May, 2019
End Date: June, 2019
Location:Kennewick Avenue and Yelm Street
Estimated Cost: $ 72,000

The Contractor for this project is Ray Poland & Sons, Inc.  This project is for the removal and replacement of a damaged signal standard pole at the northeast corner of the intersection of Kennewick Avenue and S. Yelm Street. Included in this work, the contractor will install a new City-supplied pole and mast arm and reinstall the existing signal heads on the new mast arm. Also included is installation of a new City-supplied Type PS standard to reinstall and mount the existing signal head to. Other improvements will be made at the northeast corner of the intersection to reconstruct the curb, gutter, a pedestrian access ramp, and a storm drainage manhole and catch basin.


Contract has been awarded, waiting for start of construction.