S. Sherman & Ridgeline Looping (Zone 4) (P1706-19)

Project Description

This project includes, but is not limited to, construction of the following: Approximately 2,206 lineal feet of 12-inch diameter ductile iron water main from an existing 12-inch stub, south of the intersection of South Sherman Street and West 33rd Place, to an existing 12-inch stub, east of the intersection of Ridgeline Drive and S. Nelson Street including installation of valves and fittings in an existing roadway right-of-way.  Asphalt patching and gravel shoulder restoration work will consist of the removal and disposal of the existing asphalt, top course surface preparation, paving with new asphalt, placing and compacting 5/8-inch minus rock.

Important Dates

Start Date:
June 3, 2019
Estimated End Date:
August, 2019
Funding Source:
Water and Sewer Fund
Estimated Cost:

Project Contacts

P1706-19 Contacts


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Last updated 7/30/2019